Mark Zueckerberg, the American Tech Juggernaut

Everyone with an internet knew this name. Mark Zueckerberg, famous for his social media website Facebook is one of the tech world most famous figures. With a net worth of $19 billion, he is the main driver of the world’s social media industry.

With billions of people using his site, Facebook became the most influential social media the world has. Although with that kind of power, he was still a geek at heart.

The Geek In His Early Life

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Mark Zueckerberg was born in White Plains, New York on May 14th, 1984. Born in a well off and educated family, he was raised well with a great education.

At a young age, he developed a love for computers. Experimenting with Atari BASIC when he was only 12, he made a messaging program for his father’s dental business.

The program was called Zucknet and it was used by the receptionist to notify his father if a patient had arrived. His family also used this program to communicate with each other.

Never-ending Love for Programming

After his programming skill became very prevalent, his family decided to get him a tutor to increase his skill. Even his college graduated tutor had a hard time keeping up with his skill.

This eventually put him in Philips Exeter Academy. Here, he showed more talents in literature, even earning a diploma in classics.

Mark Zueckerberg never left his love for computers. In high school, he created many new programs including Synapse, a music program even AOL and Microsoft wanted to acquire.

The Prodigy in Harvard

Enrolling at Harvard University, his skill became widely known immediately. Many of his programs, such as Coursematch, became widely used by students to help them pick their class.

These projects caught the attention of fellow Harvard students who were looking to create a dating site for Harvard students called Harvard connection. He accepts but later quit to create his own site.

He along with his friends then created a social media site which allows people to create profiles, upload pictures, and communication between users. This is the dawn of the site which will be called Facebook.

Facebook, Social Media That Ruled the Internet

After its creation in his dorm room, in 2004’s end it already had 1 million users. His company then received a boost of $12.7 million from Accel Partners, further developing its influence.

By the end of 2005, his site already gained over 4,5 million additional users. Other companies began to take interest in the site due to its very large user base that’s perfect for advertising.

Offer after offer he received from companies looking to buy his site, but he stood his ground. He expanded the site, added more developers and adding more features to the site.

The Billionaire Geek

His perseverance paid off very well, making him a billionaire in 2010. Facing many legal prosecution and accusations, he never deterred and only suffered a little loss.

With his net worth that kept increasing every day, Mark Zueckerberg is now on a path to rule the social media industry. With many more rivals to beat, he won’t be backing out soon.

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