7 + Tips for Designing and Selling T-shirts to Help Start up Your Clothing Line

Starting a clothing line never is easy. You might have created many designs, but don’t know how to sell it in today’s market. This is why you need these teespro.id 7 + Tips for designing and selling T-shirts.

Designing a shirt requires many things if you’re looking to sell it. A design doesn’t only need to look good, but also feels and creates a sense of pride. Here are the tips.


Finding your Inspiration

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This seems obvious, but it is deeper than you thought. Trends just come and go nowadays. Making a design based only on one trend won’t last you long enough.

This is why to get your inspiration from yourself. Find the thing that makes you unique, then integrate it with what is currently happening around you.

Design Programs

You can design your shirts everywhere. However, having it produced require you to own designing programs on your computer.

Many printing services need a design in file form so they can duplicate it easily. Designing on your computer will be a simpler and more productive option.

Keeping Things Simple

An elaborate design caters to a smaller audience. Because when people look for a shirt design, they like the ones they can relate to. With a simpler design, you could market it to a larger audience. But make sure to still keep your identity visible.

Designing for Genders

This is a commonly forgotten part of 7 + Tips for designing and selling T-shirts. It is common that male shirt designs and female shirt designs both differ in design themes.

Females are more feminine, while males are masculine. Designing different versions of the same designs for each gender may give you a lead on catering to more people in the market.

Creating Your Brand

A core part of your design will be your brand. Base it from your personality, art style, or even trends. Remember, when you’ve established your brand you have to keep it going in all of your design. A brand with no identity won’t have a loyal following, thus it is important to keep an identity.

Choosing Shirt Material

The material is very important for shirts. Good material means customers perceive you as a premium clothing line. There are many materials to choose from depending on what your shirt’s function as (casual, formal or sport). Decide this before producing a batch of shirts so you won’t regret it later.

Funding Your Clothing Line

After you design and build your brand, you should now plan the funds. There are many options to fund your clothing line from yourself, loans, or crowdfunding.

Nowadays, with online shopping all around, you can always make buyers preorder for your shirts. Preorder allows you to print a shirt by order, so you don’t need a stock ready.

Printing your Shirt

This is a very important part of your shirt. A good design can be ruined by a shoddy print job. This is why finding a good print service is an important investment to make.

As a critical part of 7 + Tips for designing and selling T-shirts, printing is the one that can make or break a clothing line, so be careful.

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