Samsung Phone Innovations

Samsung Electronics had actually been founded in 1969 and head-quartered in Seoul, South Korea. The Samsung Electronics is one of the most thrived divisions of Samsung Group. The business deals in customer electronic devices, telecommunication and semiconductors. Samsung phones get the second largest market share in the global market in sales. Samsung has actually got … Read more

Samsung Television Range [2012]

Plasma TV Line-up Samsung have actually ditched the single regular 43″ HD Plasma model from ins 2015 range, not producing a replacement for it this year. They might see that the price space in between a LCD/ LED in this size and a plasma screen is now basically so small that it would be easy … Read more

Samsung Profile: Philosophy and Vision

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The Samsung Group is an impressive South Korean International Business having its head office at Samsung Town, Seoul. It is among the finest examples of business inspiration and commercial success that blends with human aspirations, human feelings and the cultural-cum instructional elements of the society in general. This “Group” has a vast array of subsidiaries … Read more