Just How to Install Carpet on Stairs


Waterfall or French Cap

There are 2 standard approaches of setting up rug on stairways: the waterfall technique and also the French cap approach. The falls technique entails bringing the carpeting over the side of the step and also essentially bringing it right to fulfill the following step, without fastening it to the riser. It is a simpler and quicker approach than doing French caps, however it does not offer as wonderful of a surface.

The French cap approach covers the carpet around the edge of the step, contouring the nosing to fulfill the riser, after that coming directly down the riser. It calls for a little bit more effort than doing a waterfall, yet also offers an extra expert appearance. These guidelines offer details on setup utilizing the French cap method.

Exactly How to Install Rug on Stairways

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Start at the bottom of the stairs and also work your method up (unless your harder steps are at the bottom, in which instance you might wish to start with the easier ones to get the hang of it prior to proceeding to the challenging ones). Before beginning, make certain to discover the terms for the different parts of your stairs. The guidelines will be much easier to follow if you speak the exact same language.

Begin by stapling the rug to the bottom riser. Be sure to function the nose of the stapler in between the fibers, to ensure that a fiber does not obtain captured under the staple and develop a dimple in the rug. If you do obtain a fiber caught, delicately pull it out using a flat-head screwdriver. Do not pry it or pull too hard, or you can pull the fiber out also.

The number of staples you make use of will certainly rely on the carpeting you are mounting. Heavier, thicker carpetings such as saxonies and thick berbers will certainly require more staples than lighter ranges like friezes. Simply be sure that the staples are distributed evenly across the riser.

Installing Footsteps

Attach the carpeting beneath the nosing of the step with staples, and also cover the carpet around the nosing and also over the tack strip at the back of the walk. Utilizing a knee kicker, stretch the carpeting tight to the back of the step, as well as hold in area until staples can be applied to the back of the walk behind the tack strip. Making use of the kicker, stretch additionally over the side tack strips (if versus a wall surface) by positioning the twist to encounter the side wall surface and extending in that instructions.

When the carpet is safely fastened, cut any kind of extra. Repeat the process with the following riser. While the standard process will certainly remain the exact same, the kind of staircase you’re collaborating with will certainly figure out exactly how you finish the setup. You’ll wish to determine if you have cap stairways, pie stairs, bullnoses, or Hollywood staircases.

Cap Stairs

If your stairway is open on the side with barrier articles, the installation will certainly be a little bit more difficult. The rug has to be reduced around each article as well as re-joined beyond. Initially, install the step as explained over. Next, make a slit directly according to each post, to the side of the carpeting away from the stair. Cover the carpeting around each message. If you have bigger wooden blog posts, you may need to trim some excess carpeting around the base of each article.

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When you have brought the rug around the messages, wrap it around the side of the stair and also attach it underneath the side nosing. To contour the 90-degree angle where the side of the staircase satisfies the front of the stair, make a slit in the carpet diagonally from the edge to the outside of the carpet. The rug will after that have the ability to be folded up over and also brought together to cover the whole action.

Pie Stairs

If you have pie-shaped, or bent, stairways, there is not a lot that requires to be done differently to mount the carpet. Mount the carpet on the riser in the same way as stated above. For the tread, start as mentioned over by fastening the carpet to the floor under the nosing, as well as bring the rug straight over the lip and also across the step. The only major difference is that there will certainly be a great deal extra excess to trim.

You want the rug on a rounded stair to be right off of the tread nosing; otherwise, it will look uneven when searching for the staircase from the bottom.


A staircase that has a curved outside edge is referred to as a bullnose. It is discovered most generally at the really bottom of the stairs as the initial stairway. The carpeting can be wrapped around the rounded lip of the staircase by making a slit as was provided for the cap stairway, and also flexing the carpet around the bend. Depending on the depth of the staircase, you may need to make two or 3 slits to attain the appropriate coverage.

Normally, carpeting specialists install the riser of the bullnose separately from the step to make it easier to wrap the carpet around the curve.

Hollywood Stairways

Stairways that have no risers are called Hollywood staircases. These are fairly simple to mount; the same basic procedure applies other than the carpeting is wrapped totally around the tread and also stapled below.

All-time Low Line: Do Not Rush

Mounting rug on staircases can be tricky and also taxing, but it can be completed– also by beginners– with some understanding and some persistence. Do not rush right into it; be sure you recognize what is entailed prior to you choose if you want to put in the time required to do it or employ a professional.

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