6 Simple Ways to Achieve Inner Peace (Which You Must Try)

We are living in era when life seems to consume us inside out. You may find that even when you are doing nothing, you still cannot have inner peace. Your mind keeps running and does not seem to stop any soon.

Exhaustion becomes your constant companion. How can you break free from that suffocating feeling? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to find peace within you.


Practice Proper Breathing

Breathing properly is a basic method for relaxation. It ensures that oxygen is distributed well throughout your system. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Inhale through your nose.
  • Pass down the air toward your diaphragm to fill up your belly.
  • Wait before exhaling through your nose against.
  • Do the process rhythmically, slowly, and without sound.

Organize Your Space

The state of your room reflects your inner state. If your bedroom or study room is messy, perhaps you are not currently in peaceful state of mind. In return, your messy room may also amplify the chaos in your head.

Organizing your space is a way to overcome that feeling. You can also throw away some cluttered mess in the room which symbolically means throwing away some of your problems.

Communicate Bluntly

Interpersonal relationship issues often become things that hinder you from achieving inner peace. Issues in interpersonal relationship are most likely derived from communication problems.

You should change your ways to get peaceful mind. It will be better for you to communicate more bluntly in the future. That will help you understanding what is inside other people’s mind instead of guessing.
Off-gadget Weekends

In addition, gadget helps you functioning in daily life, whether in personal or professional matters. However, it can actually be a source of stress for you. Being bombarded with messages and the latest news makes you feel very restless.

You can try to put your gadget aside on weekends to allow your mind a bit of rest. It may be difficult the first times but if you continuously do it, things will get easier over time.

Let Go of the Past

Most people are burdened by bad past that they do not want to forget. Such past may put invisible weight on your shoulders. Without realizing, it prevents you from being completely relaxed in your life.

Try to solve your past issues one at a time. If it involves you meeting other people from your past then do that.
If it is too difficult, try to fully let them go because things are not meant to be.

Slow Down Your Movements

This era, people move around in fast pace. They walk and even jog to their destinations. People also work on several tasks at one time to finish them faster. This leads to restless mind.

To find inner peace, you should try slowing down your movements. Try to walk, eat, and breathe slower than you usually do. It will make you feel more relaxed. You will have more time to think things through.

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