How to Replace a Commode in One Hour


Step one: Get the tools you will certainly need

To change a commode you will certainly need just a couple of devices. You will need either an adjustable wrench or a typical wrench set with various sizes. You will certainly likewise need a razor knife and some towels for clean-up.

Tip Two: Materials

One of the most obvious will certainly be the bathroom itself. The brand and version of commode will certainly rely on your taste as well as spending plan. Nonetheless, when purchasing a toilet make certain to gauge the range in between the mounting openings of the toilet storage tank as well as the wall. You will certainly need to recognize the clearance you have; as many toilets have different dimension containers. The various other products you will require is a commode dish wax ring and also toilet bowl placing screws. You might intend to get a tube of silicone caulk too.

Step 3: Removing the Old Bathroom

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First shut down the water supply to the commode by transforming the shut off shutoff situated at the rear of the commode on the wall surface. Now purge the bathroom several times to remove as much water from the dish as feasible. Eliminate the lid of the bathroom tank and also open up the flapper valve to drain pipes as much water out of the tank as feasible as well as flush once again. Currently utilize a little mug or huge towels to soak up any kind of continuing to be water in the tank. Next you will certainly need to disconnect the water line. Make use of a standard wrench or adjustable wrench. If the supply line nut is constructed from plastic then make use of a pair of network locks. If you are removing the entire commode then you will not need to take the container off the commode dish unless you wish to for benefit of bring it out. If you are getting rid of the storage tank, than do so by taking the nuts off the tank bolts found under as well as back of the toilet container. If the nuts turn the screw after that you may require a screw chauffeur on the screw from the within while turning the nut from listed below to break them cost-free. To remove the bathroom bowl beginning by utilizing the razor blade to remove any kind of caulk that is around the bowl. Removing the caulk will guarantee you do not harm the flooring when bring up the commode bowl as well as will certainly make it much easier to do so. Currently take both commode installing screws off. They are located under the caps on both sides of the toilet base. In some cases these bolts can be rusted to the nuts and also will not damage cost-free. If this is something you come across then use a small hacksaw blade to reduce the bolt under the nut. Currently you can get rid of the bathroom by gently shaking it from side to side, to break the seal the wax ring has made. Once the commode is cost-free merely pull straight up and also out.

Step Four: Changing the bathroom

Prepare the area for the brand-new commode by cleaning up the flange where the old wax ring was. Clean the flooring of any debris and secure any kind of loose flooring down. Establish your brand-new toilet mounting screws in the slots provided on the flooring flange. Tip the brand-new bathroom bowl on its side as well as carefully push the brand-new wax ring to make it stay with the bathroom dish. Currently carefully guide the commode bowl over the mounting screws in as straight downward motion as feasible. Beware not to damage the wax ring as you guide the bathroom bowl in position. Now shake the commode back and forth to set the wax ring in area and push the commode bowl completely to meet the floor. Currently place the nuts on the placing screws bewaring to not over tighten as you can crack the porcelain very easily.

Tip Five: Placing the Toilet Storage Tank

Adhere to the guidelines provided by the producer on what seals to make use of in between the storage tank and also bowl. Overview the container over the mounting holes and set the container down. Now run the placing screws with any type of washers the supplier has included with the tank as well as place the nuts under. Tighten up the nuts carefully, obtaining them tight yet not as well tight. Beware not to over tighten to avoid breaking the porcelain. Currently link the supply line back to the beneath of the bathroom. Open the supply line shut down valve slowly as well as allow the commode tank fill. Look for leakages throughout the bathroom as you do this. When the tank is full, flush the toilet to ensure the wax ring sealed properly. You must not see any water coming from under the dish. If you do you may have harmed the wax ring when positioning the bowl down or did not establish it properly. If whatever is functioning properly all you need to do is caulk around the bathroom bowl, placed the container cover on and the installing bolt covers for the bowl. That’s all there is to it and also now you can appreciate hrs of resting time on your brand-new bathroom. Pleased ends!

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