5+ Tips How to Choose a Minimalist Wall Clock

When you have a house with a minimalist concept, it needs to be supported with the same nuance as the concept.

An item that must not be forgotten is the wall clock.

Clock does not only as a timepiece, but also must be on the wall of your home as decoration.

Choosing a minimalist wall clock is a must for your simple style house.

Choosing a Minimalist Wall Clock

1. Size

wall clock design

You need to adjust the size of the wall clock with type and room.

For large rooms such as living rooms or family rooms, you can choose wall clocks with large sizes.

Unlike wall clocks for bedrooms or kitchens, you only need to display smaller ones.

If you want the clock that can be moved everywhere, you should choose the one with medium size.

So that someday you want to rearrange the room, it can be placed anywhere.

If the wall clock remains permanent, you only need to adjust the size of the room.

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2. Color

wall clock art

The minimalist concept in the house is identical to the basic colors like black, white and gray.

Before buying the clock, try the color which is contrast to the wall of the room.

If the room has a white accent, then you need to buy black clock.

The opposite is also the case.

However, the color selection isn’t only monochrome.

For a minimalist impression, choose a wall clock that is soft and pastel.

Avoid choosing a wall clock that has too much style like flowers or pictures.

Also avoid attractive colors like red and yellow because the minimalist impression of the room will decrease.

3. Material

wall clock bedroom

Generally, wall clocks are made of 3 materials, namely stainless steel, plastic, and wood.

Stainless steel is known and widely used because of its anti-rust properties.

In addition, this wall clock is also more durable than the other two materials.

To be sure, you need to keep it clean aince it’s from stainless steel.

Another option is clock with plastic material.

This wall clock has a cheaper price and high durability.

The treatment is also practical and has a light weight.

One type of other material is wood. Wooden clocks are generally a standing clock.

The size is larger and suitable if placed next to clothes closet lemari pakaian.

4. Numbers

b&w wall clocks

Many minimalist clocks without the numbers in it seem interesting and unique.

The pointer of second, minutes and hour are displayed by small lines.

Sometimes the wall clock only displays certain numbers as 12, 3, 6 and 9 only.

And the others only have minute and hour pointer.

5. Shape


Wall clock with a minimalist style has various forms.

Some clocks are permanent with the walls of the room.

Some clocks has circle shapes with monochrome colors, glowing in the dark, bird house shaped clock, or simple and elegant styles such as sailor steering ones.

The most important thing when choosing a minimalist wall clock is to adjust to your capacity, both in terms of budget and rooms that you have.

A minimalist concept is all about simplicity.

Don’t forget the function of it that is not only a timepiece, but also aesthetics for your home.

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