5 Super Practical Methods to Reduce Global Warming

Are you concerned with the state of our mother earth right now? The future seems rather bleak for years down the line. Global warming becomes your permanent companion. The effect to the daily life has been very palpable.

Overcoming this condition requires effort from anyone. You can personally contribute to help reducing carbon footprint which is the main reason for earth’s increasing temperature. Here are some practical ways to do it.


Choosing Cleaner Methods of Transportation

Cleaner Methods of Transportation

Modern modes of transportation which utilize fossil fuels are big contributors of pollution and carbon emissions. If you concern about this condition, start changing your ways of commuting by adopting cleaner methods of transportation.

If it is not urgent, avoid using your car. Use public transportation modes to commute for work or school. If you need to travel nearby, there is no need to let out your car from the garage. Invest on a bike for short commute.

Conserving Energy in Daily Basis

We are used to convenient life, thanks to fast developing technology. However, it certainly takes a toll on earth’s health. You should learn to conserve energy to lessen pollution and carbon emissions. Below are things you can do.

  • Switch your regular light-bulbs with LED ones.
  • Reduce hot water usage in your home.
  • Unplug your electronic devices when not being used.
  • Design your home to be able withstanding extreme condition without much aid of electronic technology.
  • Choose products with Energy Star label.

Eating Better

Ways to Eat Better

Do you know that food you are consuming is also contributing to global warming? Contribution to pollution may come from the production process. It can also come from the packaging of your food. Let’s learn simple ways to reduce it.

  • Reduce food waste by eating up your entire portion and using every part of produce.
  • Grow fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • Buy local and organic ingredients as often as possible.
  • Consider no-meat diet like vegetarianism or veganism, or simply consume less meat.

Joining Campaign for Green Earth

Many people become more aware of the earth’s current state. They believe that change must be done soon to prevent catastrophe to our future generation. There are many environmental organizations formed to cultivate awareness of environmental condition.

You should spare some time to join some environmental campaigns. There might be marches or neighborhood cleaning activities to join during your break. You also get the chance to meet new people with similar mindsets.

Planting Trees around Neighborhood

When watching news, you may get informed that large percentage of world’s forest has been demolished for buildings and other things. This contributes heavily to the resistant toward climate change impacts which has declined significantly over the years.

You can make small but impactful contribution by planting trees around your neighborhood. You can even ask your neighbor to join your activity and make your residence look greener. You can also starts filling up your garden with edible plants and colorful flowers. It matters a lot in anti-global warming effort.

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