5 Recommended Boys Bedroom Ideas (Cute and Youthful)

There is nothing better than decorating your own boys’ bedroom. By looking at what they are interested in and what they are fond of, you can decorate their bedroom without a professional help. One thing for sure is these boys bedroom ideas are the most basic concepts at all.

There will be five different ideas below, listed in no particular order. Therefore, you can like or try one of these small bedroom ideas for a safer option.


Polka Dot Bedroom Idea

Since the majority of children have no objection with this polka dot pattern, you can opt for this one to decorate the bedroom. Well, it is not like the pattern is specialized only for a girl as well.

Just use a subtle small black polka dot on the white wall and you can have a funky and young vibe from the decoration. In addition, just play with soft colors or related pattern to make the bedroom more colorful and alive.

Nautical Bedroom

Nautical Bedroom

Of course, the marine theme remains the boys’ favorite throughout the time. So, try to apply the nautical bedroom for them. With soft or deep blue color and a little lining of white and red, your boys can get a basic marine-themed bedroom in an instant.

Obviously, the decoration doesn’t end with that. You can attach an anchor, a compass, a buoy, or a wheel to give more feeling into the theme.

Full-of-knowledge Decoration

Out of all these boys bedroom ideas, this concept is one of the most suitable for curious and adventurous boys. Two recommended decorations include:

World Map Wallpaper

Definitely, it is a great thing since this can stimulate your boys to be interested in travelling the world. It makes them easier to learn about the world as well.

A miniature of the solar system

While this decoration is not common, it can be a great addition to the bedroom. Who knows that maybe in the future, your boys decide to take it as a serious thing?

Playroom in Bedroom

Now, this particular idea would be a good option if your boys have taken a liking into toys since the main aspect of this idea is toys. To make a good impression, instead of dumping the toys into a big treasure box, you can instead display them on shelves above the bed.

A little bit more toys beside the bed are also good. But remember to not overly display them as it can make an impression of messy bedroom. Also, you better use neutral colors for the wall.

Back-to-nature Bedroom Idea


nature bedroom

Now, we go to the last theme of boys bedroom ideas. This idea of a bedroom is not, in any way, bad. Keep in mind that back to nature here doesn’t mean that you have to put the bed in backyard or so. Well, this idea only carrying a back-to-nature concept.

This might be a good option for your boys if they like animals since animal plush will decorate your boys’ room to highlight the theme of nature.

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