5 Things To Do In Jogjakarta

5Do you want to take a vacation but confused which city you will go to? If the answer is yes so you can visit to Jogjakarta for vacation. Because in Jogjakarta you can do many things for refresh your mind. Too much work all week without holidays at all can indeed make your minds becomes very full.


5 Interesting Things You Can Do In Jogjakarta

Too often working without vacationing at all will also make your mind become saturated quickly. Therefore you have to take a vacation even for a moment. One city that is suitable for vacation is Jogjakarta. Not only vacation but you can too do some very interesting things in Jogjakarta.

If you live in Malang city and you want vacation to Jogjakarta so you can use travel Jogja Malang. Because there are several travel services that offer various facilities when you go to Jogjakarta. As for some things you can do in Jogjakarta is:

Study history of Jogjakarta city in Keraton Jogjakarta

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The history of the city of Jogjakarta it is always interesting to explore. Especially if it has been discussed about family tree in the Karaton Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. Besides interesting to learn history of Jogjakarta is also very useful for your life. Because you know how government system in the past.

Because the system of royal government very different from the current government system in Indonesia. This difference in government system located at type of punishment until economic terms.

Relaxation on Indrayanti beach

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If you go to Jogjakarta just want to refresh your mind so you can get a moment’s relaxation at Indrayanti beach. Indrayanti beach become one of the beaches in Jogjakarta which is very famous for its scenery. The sound of calm waves and accompained by fresh beach air will make your mind calmer.

Try Jogjakarta special food

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The city of Yogyakarta does not only have interesting tourist attractions to visit but also have some of culinary which is also interesting to try. Especially if you are go to Yogyakarta with use travel Jogjakarta-Malang then you defitinely invited to try eat Gudeg. Beacuse Gudeg is a food which is characteristic of Yogyakarta city.

Visit to bird market

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If you are person who likes all things about bird so you can try to visit the bird market. In this market you cand find all types of birds that exist in various places. Or if you are looking for a trained bird for you to use during bird competitions then visiting the bird marked is the most appropriate thing.

Enjoy the art of music on Malioboro street

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Yogyakarta city is known as the city that became the place musicians were born. Even the quality of the musicians which come from Yogyakarta is no doubt. For those of you who want to enjoy the sound music from original musician in Yogyakarta then you can go to Malioboro street.

If you want go to Yogyakarta and you come from Malang then you should to use travel JogjakartaMalang.

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