Reviewing 14 Exotic Papuan Musical Instruments

The Papua region, which is famous for its traditional nuances, has quite an interesting diversity of musical instruments. On average, musical instruments in the region are made from natural materials, and are played in a simple way.

In this article, we will discuss 14 kinds of Papuan musical instruments. Hopefully this review can provide many benefits for all readers.

Reviewing 14 Exotic Papuan Musical Instruments

1. Eme

Eme is a musical instrument from the Kamoro Tribe which is widely used for entertainment and traditional events. The way to play it is by being hit, accompanying rhymes, legends, or advices that are played.

This tool is made from a mixture of eme lime, monitor lizard skin, and human blood to tighten the lizard’s skin. However, in subsequent developments, the composition of this blood was replaced by the sap of the ote tree.

2. Tifa

Tifa is a traditional musical instrument like a drum, which originated from the Sentani tribe. To make it, it takes a perforated matoa log and dried deerskin.

Before, this tool was used as a symbol of peace. But, now Tifa is widely used for traditional rituals and arts, such as weddings, traditional parties, dance accompaniment, and welcoming guests.

3. Pikon

Pikon is a Dani Tribe musical instrument that is often played during breaks at Honai. This traditional instrument is made of hollow and segmented bamboo, which is commonly called Hite. To play it, one only needs to pull the hook. But the tones are only do, noodles, and sol.

4. Fuu

Besides being called Fuu, this tool is also known as Korno or Tahuri. Fuu is a wind instrument, which is made of bamboo and wood. In local customs, this tool is used as a communication tool to call residents. Meanwhile, for musical instruments, this instrument is used as an Asmat dance accompaniment in Merauke.

5. Trompet

Trumpet is a kind of wind instrument, which is made from shells. This equipment, which comes from Biak, can be used to summon residents or to accompany local arts, such as dances.

6. Butshake

Butshake is a type of musical instrument that is widely used by the Muyu Tribe. This tool is often played during traditional events, artistic entertainment, and parties. To make Butshake, bamboo and walnuts are needed, which are played by shaking or shaking them until they produce a gurgling sound.

7. Krombi

The Tehit tribe in South Sorong, also has a traditional musical instrument called the Krombi. This instrument is made from bamboo sticks, and is widely used in local traditional dance. How to use it is quite easy, you just need to tap the bamboo stick.

8. Kecapi Mulut

Kecapi Mulut comes from the Dani tribe and is made using materials from wuluh bamboo. Unlike the case with the usual Lute, the Mouth Lute is played by pinching it with the lips, while blowing it and pulling the hook.

9. Amyen

Amyen is a kind of traditional trumpet musical instrument, which is made using eucalyptus material. This tool, which is widely used for the accompaniment of this dance, can be found in the Web tribal settlements in the Keerom area. Not only that, this tool is sometimes also used as a means of communication during war.

10. Paar dan Kee

Basically, these two tools are part of the male genital cover. If Paar is worn as the cover, then Kee is for the belt.

Apart from being used as this function, Paar and Kee can also be used as musical instruments at traditional parties. Paar is made from dried gourd, while Kee is made from cassowary bones.

In a party celebration, dancers using Paar and Kee will be jumping up and down while dancing. So that the two musical instruments will collide with each other, causing a rhythmic sound.

11. Atowo

Atowo is a type of musical instrument with an elliptical shape, with a small size and light weight. The way to play it is by holding Atowo’s body with one hand, while the other hand strikes his upper side. This tool is rarely found in Papua.

12. Triton

The triton is a wind instrument made of shells or bia. Generally, this tool is often found in coastal areas, such as Yapen, Nabire, Biak, Waropen, Wondama, and Raja Ampat.

In the beginning, this tool was only used as a means of communication, either to call residents or to give signals. But, lately this tool is also widely used as entertainment advice for traditional musical instruments.

13. Yi

This slightly stocky musical instrument with a dark brown color, originally from West Papua. This flute-like musical instrument was once used as a means of communication in gathering residents. However, after its development, Yi was also widely used as a musical instrument to accompany dances. This tool is made of wood or bamboo.

14. Guoto

Guoto is a type of stringed musical instrument, which is often found in the West Papua region. This equipment, which is made of ox skin and wood, is played by plucking the strings.


That is important information about the diversity of musical instruments from Papua. Also learn about various other national cultures on the site. One of the interesting discussions is regarding Tari Tradisional.

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