Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Billionaire

Born in a country full of economic troubles then rising as world’s wealthiest businessman, Carlos Slim Helu is a powerful and highly respected Mexican figure. He owned many companies of varying sectors within Mexico and abroad and still expanding till today.

He is brilliant throughout his entire professional career. His brilliant management made him rich even when everyone has nothing. See his story unfold in his biography.

Early Chapters of His Life

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Carlos Slim Helu was born on January 28th, 1940. His family was of Lebanese descents, immigrated to Mexico. His father was a talented businessman and was able to succeed in Mexico’s turmoil.

Here, his father made his fortune in real estate and property during the 1910-1920s Mexican Revolution. He was able to graduate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico as an Engineer.

Businessman by Blood

His father’s brilliance in business showed in Carlos Slim Helu. In the mid-1960s, he was already investing in many businesses, leading to the formation of Grupo Carso, his company group housing all of his owned companies.

During the aftermath of Mexico’s economic crash in 1982, he was able to take advantage similar to what his father did. The economic crash gave him the chance to purchase and control many companies.

By doing this, he was able to control large amounts of interest in many companies. His management abilities were so good, that the value of its investments rose up in only a decade. This made him in control of a large economic sector that kept increasing in value.

Spreading His Influence

Grupo Carso held many of Mexico’s companies in various sectors. His most valuable asset was his holding in Telmex, which gave him a way to invest in American telecommunication companies.

Although perfect in his previous management, he also has his downs. One of them was CompUSA, a failing tech company he thought he can turn around, but failed after 7 years of ownership.

His American influence didn’t stop there. In 2008, he became New York Times largest shareholder, Citigroup, Saks, and Circuit City. He also sold Telmex to its mobile division, América Móvil; cementing his influence in American telecommunication industries.

Art Lover and Philanthropist

His love for art fueled by his riches made him a renowned art collector. In 1994, he founded a non-profit art museum. He named it Museo Soumaya in honor of his wife.

In 2011, he moved the museum to a larger building designed by his own son-in-law. With the interior space of 17,000 m2, it was a magnificent sight to look at in Mexico City.

He was also a known philanthropist. He owned multiple foundations caring for cultural monuments, supporting health, education, and sports.

Power to Control the Fate of His Nation

With the recent plans to build a wall by President Donald J. Trump, he was in the front line of the opposition. His powers and influence in North American trades are too large to ignore.

This caused the president to consider his stand. Carlos Slim Helu pressed that economic investment would be more effective than a wall, further discouraging the construction.

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